Kickbike RaceMAX 28 Mark I

RaceMAX 28 from the box is multipurpose footbike on supreme frame with basic equipment. But not everyone will be happy with it. For them we have prepared custom offer with the name Mark.

Now we interduce Mark I with price from 960 Euro. We are working now on Mark II with price from 1350 Euro and race machine Mark III with carbon wheels and with price from 1730 Euro. But back to Mark I.

Customs are good only with certain requirements. Actually, change more parts (wheels, handlebars, fork) from box footbike does not make sense and is better to built custom one. And when is custom on the table, it is good to look for nice ratio price/power. We were focused on price line Euro.

In a point of view to our earlier experiences, our focus to weight (not at the expense of the price price or quality), we have set with suppliers wheels with KBR mark. For Mark I RaceMAX we have wheels with the weight attacking more expensive Campagnolo Zonda. Integrated bearing hubs, higher 20 holes rims, black spokes with forced head and brass nipples. Yes, it should be lighter, but it is not necessary at the moment. And tires? Continental UltraSport with 25mm width. Done!

Fork is uncompromissed - carbon Trigon fork with alu tube. Wide aerodynamical legs in combination with exemplary rigidity, nice weight and interesting design.

Cockpit is all of aluminium, stem can be 80-130mm and bars 580-660mm. Grips are verified foamsilicon ESI Chunky or Red Monkey.

For safe slow down with easy manipulation is here braking complet Shimano Sora. Release lever for simply wheels deassembly, flat bar brake levers with right geometry for caliper brakes.

In this price you can have black or white cockpit or grips with bowdens in the same color.

Kickbike RaceMAX 28 Mark I

frame Kickbike RaceMAX 28
fork Trigon RC61
wheels KBR Mark I
tires Continental UltraSport
brakes/levers Shimano Sora
handlebars HQBC/Aerozine
stem HQBC/Aerozine
grips Red Monkey/ESI Chunky
weight 7,2kg
price from 960Euro