Mark III under 6kg!

What are you waiting for from pure race footbike? Some carbon fiber? Definetely! Some dural? Less is better. And what about iron? No, thanks. Rigidity? Clear. Weight? Low. And what about price? With more money, is it easier. And because we take the price in Mark hierarchy for 1800€, we were curious for the final machine.

And what is Mark III really? The base is dural frame Kickbike RaceMAX 28. Then full carbon tapered fork trigon with 320 grams. Amazing rigidity, excellent weight. Carbon fiber bars, light dural stem. What's next? For the raceing machine only front brake. 110g of July brake with cnc milled brake lever.  And the wheels? Carbon rims KBR Mark III shoed to the Tufo Elite Pulse tubular tires. Width 50 or 35mm at your choice. With the total weight under 6kg, at the configuration, will see every racer, what the low weight is.