Offroads everywhere

11.04. 2020

Big wheels club

15.03. 2020

Paradise of road footbikes in your range ;)

Mud, leaves, that's nothing for Kickbike footboards. Therefore, it fits sometimes too much.

Symbol Renegade

14.07. 2019

Our view on the question of universal footbike. Try and decide yourself ;)

Mark III under 6kg!

07.07. 2019

We catch up the tasks. We jump over the Mark II and before European Championships we introduce racing machine Kickbike RaceMAX 28 Mark III. With the price about 1800€ is delivery time about 3 days.

What have we prepared?

Want more? Want better choice? Here is our line Mark for you!

Season is in full speed and we have same special upgrades for you.