Kickbike RaceMAX Renegade I 28x28

Renegade is not for everyone. Ale kdo mu přijde na chuť, nedá na něj dopustit. Big wheels, tires just right. Disc brakes for taming of passions. Good for beginning, but…?

Our answer for versatility footbike in available price level. When is more expensive and lighter, then is more versatile. Better dynamics and permeability, better maneuverability, superior tires goes nice on road and terrain too. But it is more the Renegade III.

Ground clearence about 55mm, lower are road footbikes, higher then cross footbikes. So exactly between them. With tires equally. And disc brakes can combine selected components with the frame.


  • frame: Kickbike RaceMAX 28
  • fork: Force 24"
  • wheels: KBR Renegade I
  • tires: 622x32-40mm, as required
  • brakes: disc Avid, Shimano
  • bars: alu
  • stem: alu
Cena: 25 000 Kč